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I have set up my account in online goal tracking system. The goals are:

  • a better body

  • weight under control. Bring it at least to 200 pounds

  • upper body muscles development.

  • The means to reach the goals are in regular (once a day, or more or less per coach advice) exercises.

    This virtual gadget allows me to show how persuasive I am in reaching my goals and account and eliminate the procrastination.

    Jerry Seinfeld's Productivity Secret
    Seinfeld Says: Don’t Break The Chain!

    Mikhail's Personal Score Badge

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    Highly recommended thing to organise and track your goals online
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    Leave comments here if you want to get the Grand Central (Virtual PBX by Google) account.
    Оставьте здесь сообщение, если вам нужен аккаунт на виртуальной АТС (Grand Central)


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